In the realm of workplace safety, there’s simply no room for compromise. For this reason, each raw material and component used in PANDA SAFETY footwear is subjected to stringent quality checks. Our dedicated team of experts, fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensures that every last detail adheres to the most rigorous quality and safety standards.


Barton leather

Premium genuine leather is distinguished by its impeccable thick-grain (Dollar print) finish. Thanks to a specific tanning process, it becomes particularly flexible and elastic, allowing footwear to combine both durability and adaptability, essential for tackling every work challenge. 

alvier leather

Crafted from premium genuine leather, the surface undergoes a special abrasion process to achieve a velvety touch. Shoes featuring the ALVIER leather upper seamlessly blend the material’s inherent softness with the resilience needed to withstand daily work challenges. 

Carbon label

Crafted from premium non-woven fabric, this label boasts a unique finish reminiscent of carbon fibres. This distinctive detail not only elevates the style but also underscores PANDA SAFETY’s dedication to melding functionality with design. 

Puma Leather

Natural leather with exceptional water-repellent properties, resistant to stains, abrasion, and the effects of extended UV exposure. Moreover, it boasts outstanding tensile strength. 

Fire retardant leather

Genuine leather that, while maintaining a traditional aesthetic appearance, possesses unique attributes thanks to its special tanning process. Upon exposure to open flames, it neither fuels the fire nor emits toxic gases, and it retains its original structure. 

waterproof microfibre

Hypoallergenic microfiber, renowned for its high breathability, that stands out for its exceptional resistance to tears, rips, scratches, and friction. Furthermore, it is entirely water-repellent and boasts stain-resistant properties. 


Utilising RIPSTOP technology, the cuttingedge PUTEK fabric
ensures durability against wear and tear, all the while preserving its lightweight nature. Additionally, it boasts superior elasticity, is resistant to wrinkling, retains its shape, and is a breeze to care for.


100% polyester fabric, known for its exceptional breathability and softness to the touch. With its inherent stain-resistant properties, marks can be effortlessly wiped away using a damp cloth, ensuring no risk of colour fading.

carbon reflective insert

Crafted from non-woven fabric, this insert boasts a finish evocative of carbon fibre. Enriched with reflective functionality, it lends the footwear a contemporary look and crucially enhances the wearer’s visibility even in dimly lit conditions.

high tech bycast

Material that’s both flexible and resistant to deformation, ideal for
crafting safety footwear. The production process involves applying a finishing film to the
split leather’s surface, resulting in a consistently smooth and even texture.


Lycra (also known as elastane) is a synthetic polyurethane fibre renowned for its durability, water resistance, and mould resistance. Its standout features are its remarkable flexibility and elasticity, allowing it to stretch up to five times its initial length.

waterproof ramon leather

Among full-grain leathers, this is the most resilient and long-lasting. Owing to a special tanning process, it offers total water resistance. The subtle irregularities on its surface aren’t flaws; they are distinctive traits that underscore the individual character of each item, reflecting the artisan craftsmanship of PANDA SAFETY’s production.

crazy horse leather

Natural leather is crafted by applying a specific type of wax to the outer surface of a common full-grain leather previously polished and smoothed. While this method momentarily results in a slight abrasion of the treated area, it
not only solidifies the texture and colour tone but also establishes a rich protective layer on the leather’s surface, significantly enhancing its wear resistance.


Crafted from high-tenacity polyamide yarns, this fabric endows the uppers with remarkable resistance to tearing and abrasion ensuring enhanced
durability; the footwear also benefits from the Jacquard textile’s inherent lightness and breathability.

Idro Barton Leather

A special tanning process that involves applying a polyurethane film to the exterior surface renders this genuine leather entirely waterresistant. This ensures
enhanced protection, safeguarding against the challenges of damp work settings and inclement weather conditions.

Micro Fiber

Made from slender, lightweight technofibres, this fabric is known for its superior flexibility and breathability. Moreover, it boasts strong resistance to tears, rips, scratches, and abrasions.


High-quality full-grain leather, which, following the tanning process, is sanded on the grain side and subsequently brushed
to achieve an extremely soft and velvety surface. To protect against the effects of time, a special solution is sprayed onto the uppers of shoes crafted from this type of leather at the end of the production process.


Crafted from 100% PET yarn, this Jacquard fabric is derived from the recycling and spinning of Polyethylene Terephthalate, a thermoplastic resin commonly used for beverage bottles. Among synthetic fibres, PET is the most breathable, and it also boasts exceptional resistance to abrasion, creasing, and heat. Its outstanding elasticity, combined with robust resistance to both chemical and physical agents, makes it especially suited for producing uppers in work footwear.

iron Mesh

Three – dimensional fabric crafted from synthetic fibres (100% polyester) distinguished by exceptional breathability, coupled with high resistance to tearing and abrasion.

Perspi Nylon

Engineered to enhance the footwear’s breathability function, this material is notably durable, offering substantial resistance to wear and tear.


Composed of high-tensile fibres, this advanced fabric delivers unparalleled resistance to tearing
and boasts a durability that far surpasses more conventional materials such as polyester or cotton.


Microfiber made up of more than 40% recycled material, distinguished by its excellent resistance to abrasion. It is notably soft to the touch, highly breathable, and fully water-repellent.


Featuring high-frequency polyurethane inserts, this technical fabric is not only lightweight and highly breathable but also boasts a unique three-dimensional structure that contours seamlessly to the user’s
foot, ensuring maximum stability within the footwear.


Reinforcements made of polyurethane leather, strategically positioned in the footwear’s areas most prone to wear, help prevent its natural deterioration. Moreover, this hypoallergenic material ensures optimal resistance to both low and high temperatures.


airnet mesh

Crafted from a threelayer fabric, this lining features a unique network of microchannels, ensuring unparalleled breathability. It’s highly resistant to wear and tear, and its antimicrobial and
antibacterial treatments effectively combat the growth of harmful microorganisms, also keeping unpleasant odours at bay.

infinity insert

Crafted from wear-resistant technical fabric, this insert, when overlaid on the inner lining in the heel area, prevents its deterioration, significantly enhancing the shoe’s overall durability.

extra comfort paddings

Strategically placed within the tongue and collar, these ergonomic cushions envelop the top of the foot, promoting the correct alignment of the foot and
ankle. They support the wearer’s postural wellbeing and guarantee a snug and comfortable fit.

Natural Lamb's Fur

Genuine fur, renowned for its thermoregulating capabilities and moistureabsorbing properties, guarantees that the foot stays consistently warm and dry.


Ladderproof fabric that, crafted from high-tenacity yarns, ensures resistance to both tearing and abrasion. Its bi-elastic structure combined with exceptional breathability offers supreme comfort.


Microfiber lining, specially treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes, boasts exceptional breathability and superior resistance to abrasion.

airnet sanitized

Crafted from durable multi-layer fabric, this lining offers outstanding breathability and efficient moisture wicking, ensuring the wearer’s foot remains dry throughout. Its
standout feature is the SANITIZED® antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment, which consistently maintains a
hygienic interior within the shoe, effectively suppressing the growth of harmful microorganisms and warding off unwanted odours. 

woolen fur

Crafted with a blend of 90% sheep wool and 10% synthetic materials, this lining is designed for durability and wear resistance. Furthermore, it guarantees enduring breathability, superior thermal insulation, and efficient moisture absorption.


Fabric that excels in breathability and wear resistance is specifically
designed to swiftly absorb and release moisture. It’s not only shrinkresistant and waterrepellent but also boasts an anti-odour function.


Crafted with state-ofthe-art fibre, this lining is not only resistant to abrasion but also exceptionally breathable and smooth to the touch. It’s antibacterial and antistatic and maintains the ideal microclimate inside the footwear.


Crafted from aluminium coated felt, this lining stands out for its exceptional thermoregulatory abilities. The slender fibres of the felt trap minuscule air particles, serving as a thermal barrier. Simultaneously, the microperforated aluminium layer reflects infrared rays (heat) back towards the wearer’s foot, ensuring an optimal internal shoe climate. Additionally, Wintherm® offers antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits due to its embedded silver microparticles.


Crafted from bi-elastic elastane fibre, this breathable lining is
specifically engineered to withstand abrasion, retain its form over time, and deliver unparalleled comfort.


steel shell

Integrated into the sole, this corrosion-resistant steel foil is designed to shield the foot from
potential penetration by foreign objects. Each plate undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can resist forces of up to 1,100 Newtons (N).

steel shield

This protective toe cap, which undergoes a heat treatment for hardening and is coated with epoxy paint, is tested to withstand impacts of up to 200 Joules (J) and compressions of up to 15 Kilonewtons (kN). The cross-sectional structure of its stainless steel fibres enhances impact resistance and crush resistance, while the bevelled edges ensure optimal comfort.

super shell

Crafted from multilayer polyester fabric, this protective plate is approximately 40% lighter than its steel counterpart while still providing the same resistance to penetration forces, up to 1,100 Newtons (N). It’s flexible, non-magnetic, thermally insulating, corrosion – resistant, hypoallergenic, and it safeguards 100% of the foot’s resting surface. 

super shield

Crafted from composite material, this protective toe cap is rigorously tested to shield the toes from impacts of up to 200 Joules (J) and compressions reaching 15 Kilonewtons (kN). Beyond its protective qualities, it’s non-magnetic, nonconductive, and offers superior thermal insulation.


Crafted from a highstrength aluminum alloy identical to that used in aerospace applications,
this safety toe cap is engineered to shield your toes from impacts
of up to 200 Joules and compressive forces up to 15 Kilonewtons.


metal free

Footwear completely free of metal components, perfectly suited for “controlled” work settings such as airports.

ultralight footwear

From the selection of raw materials and components, the entire manufacturing process is geared towards minimising the weight of this kind of footwear while ensuring protective performance meets the reference standards.

velcro closure

VELCRO® fastening systems are renowned for their unparalleled reliability, providing a secure seal
and, as a result, ensuring maximum comfort.


Footwear designed for machine washing (up to 60°C using neutral soap), allowing for frequent cleaning and ensuring
a consistent sense of freshness and hygiene.


Footwear bearing the ESD marking stands apart from more common antistatic safety shoes due to their enhanced electrically dissipative properties. This ensures they can consistently discharge the static electricity accumulated by the human body into the ground.

Rear tab

While small in size, this component is extremely useful: it streamlines and hastens the fitting, and includes a reflective
element to enhance the wearer’s visibility in dimly lit environments.


Reinforcement made from recycled polyurethane leather, designed to combat the natural wear and tear in the shoe’s most vulnerable areas.


The extensive array of YKK® zippers and components featured in PANDA SAFETY footwear not only imparts a sophisticated appearance but also stands as an absolute guarantee of quality.

100x100 sanitized

Utilising the cuttingedge antibacterial and antimicrobial SANITIZED® treatment on both the inner lining and insole, PANDA SAFETY’s “100% SANITIZED” footwear
offers comprehensive defence against potentially harmful microorganisms. This not only safeguards the wearer’s foot health but also ensures a safer
working environment.


Reflective inserts enhance the operator’s visibility, especially in low-light conditions, while also giving the footwear a modern touch. PANDA SAFETY’s REFLECTOR® inserts employ the advanced technology of crystal microspheres that, by reflecting light straight back to its origin, ensure instant recognition of the wearer, be it day or night. 


The QLS (Quick Lacing System) delivers an unparalleled fitting experience. This innovative closure system ensures a snug fit and also features a quick-release button
for effortless and quick removal of the shoe. Moreover, the laces, crafted from ultra-lightweight yet remarkably resilient materials, are specifically designed to maintain consistent tension.


This TPU insert enhances the wear resistance of the upper’s rear region and optimises the heel’s stability within the footwear, ensuring its correct positioning during both dynamic and static phases of movement.