A new sandal made of natural leather and with a Velcro strap to make the shoe more wearable and to fit the foot better. Light weight and resistance coexist to perfection in this model; the former is an inherent characteristic of the minimal design of the upper; the latter is guaranteed by the steel toecap, which prevents any risk of crushing and/or compression.



Category of Protection

Slip Resistance



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Cold Insulation
Heat Insulation
Heat Resistant Outsole
Outsole With Cleats
Water Resistant Upper
Steel Midsole
Shock Absorber
Resistant Fuel Oil
Slip Resistance Ceramic Glycerine
Slip resistance ceramic detergent
Ergonomics and Comfort
Resistance, Safety, Performance
Toe Cap

The HEATSHIELD sole tread, crafted from nitrile rubber, delivers superior slip resistance, even on the most uneven terrains, and can withstand contact with surfaces as hot as 300°C for up to 1 minute. When juxtaposed with soles featuring polyurethane and/or thermo-polyurethane treads, the HEATSHIELD offers enhanced resilience against both tearing and chemical exposure. The midsole, made of expanded polyurethane, harnesses the inherent qualities of the material, ensuring both flexibility and efficient shock absorption. This design choice ensures consistent comfort and a sense of lightness throughout the workday.

This protective toe cap, which undergoes a heat treatment for hardening and is coated with epoxy paint, is tested to withstand impacts of up to 200 Joules (J) and compressions of up to 15 Kilonewtons (kN). The cross-sectional structure of its stainless steel fibres enhances impact resistance and crush resistance, while the bevelled edges ensure optimal comfort.



Integrated into the sole, this corrosion-resistant steel foil is designed to shield the foot from potential penetration by foreign objects. Each plate undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it can resist forces of up to 1,100 Newtons (N).

Among full-grain leathers, this is the most resilient and long-lasting. Owing to a special tanning process, it offers total water resistance. The subtle irregularities on its surface aren’t flaws; they are distinctive traits that underscore the individual character of each item, reflecting the artisan craftsmanship of PANDA SAFETY’s production.

Crafted from aluminiumcoated felt, this lining stands out for its exceptional thermoregulatory abilities. The slender fibres of the felt trap minuscule air particles, serving as a thermal barrier. Simultaneously, the microperforated aluminium layer reflects infrared rays (heat) back towards the wearer’s foot, ensuring an optimal internal shoe climate. Additionally, Wintherm® offers antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits due to its embedded silver microparticles.

Designed specifically for colder work environments, this removable insole boasts anti-static, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. The underside, not in contact with the wearer’s foot, is coated with an aluminium film that ensures exceptional thermal insulation.

Crafted from wear-resistant technical fabric, this insert, when overlaid on the inner lining in the heel area, prevents its deterioration, significantly enhancing the shoe’s overall durability.



Strategically placed within the tongue and collar, these ergonomic cushions envelop the top of the foot, promoting the correct alignment of the foot and ankle. They support the wearer’s postural wellbeing and guarantee a snug and comfortable fit.



While small in size, this component is extremely useful: it streamlines and hastens the fitting, and includes a reflective element to enhance the wearer’s visibility in dimly lit environments.



Reflective inserts enhance the operator’s visibility, especially in low-light conditions, while also giving the footwear a modern touch. PANDA SAFETY’s REFLECTOR® inserts employ the advanced technology of crystal microspheres that, by reflecting light straight back to its origin, ensure instant recognition of the wearer, be it day or night.



Reinforcements made of polyurethane leather, strategically positioned in the footwear’s areas most prone to wear, help prevent its natural deterioration. Moreover, this hypoallergenic material ensures optimal resistance to both low and high temperatures.



This TPU insert enhances the wear resistance of the upper’s rear region and optimises the heel’s stability within the footwear, ensuring its correct positioning during both dynamic and static phases of movement.