11211 O2 FO SR


A new sandal made of natural leather and with a Velcro strap to make the shoe more wearable and to fit the foot better. Light weight and resistance coexist to perfection in this model; the former is an inherent characteristic of the minimal design of the upper; the latter is guaranteed by the steel toecap, which prevents any risk of crushing and/or compression.



Category of Protection

Slip Resistance



Size Range



Ladder Grab
Outsole With Cleats
Water Resistant Upper
Shock Absorber
Resistant Fuel Oil
Slip Resistance Ceramic Glycerine
Slip resistance ceramic detergent
Ergonomics and Comfort
Resistance, Safety, Performance

Through an in-depth examination of the postures workers assume across various industries, the R&D team has developed a groundbreaking sole that, by integrating and combining three distinct materials, optimises comfort, stability, and grip.

Lycra (also known as elastane) is a synthetic polyurethane fibre renowned for its durability, water resistance, and mould resistance. Its standout features are its remarkable flexibility and elasticity, allowing it to stretch up to five times its initial length.

Crafted from a threelayer fabric, this lining features a unique network of microchannels, ensuring unparalleled breathability. It’s highly resistant to wear and tear, and its antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments effectively combatthe growth of harmful microorganisms, also keeping unpleasant odours at bay.

State-of-the-art removable insole that seamlessly blends functionality with comfort in a unique design. Crafted from polyurethane and polyether, it’s antistatic and offers superior protection from impacts and strains. The density of the materials used and its significant thickness, peaking at 14 mm in the heel, guarantee unbeatable cushioning. The foot-facing surface, fashioned from 100% polyester, boasts a honeycomb pattern, optimising moisture absorption and release and the channelled design beneath ensures continuous air circulation within the shoe.

Crafted from wear-resistant technical fabric, this insert, when overlaid on the inner lining in the heel area, prevents its deterioration, significantly enhancing the shoe’s overall durability.



Strategically placed within the tongue and collar, these ergonomic cushions envelop the top of the foot, promoting the correct alignment of the foot and ankle. They support the wearer’s postural wellbeing and guarantee a snug and comfortable fit.



While small in size, this component is extremely useful: it streamlines and hastens the fitting, and includes a reflective element to enhance the wearer’s visibility in dimly lit environments.




From the selection of raw materials and components, the entire manufacturing process is geared towards minimising the weight of this kind of footwear while ensuring protective performance meets the reference standards.