61119N S1 SRC


A new sandal made of natural leather and with a Velcro strap to make the shoe more wearable and to fit the foot better. Light weight and resistance coexist to perfection in this model; the former is an inherent characteristic of the minimal design of the upper; the latter is guaranteed by the steel toecap, which prevents any risk of crushing and/or compression.



Category of Protection

Slip Resistance



Size Range



Ladder Grab
Outsole With Cleats
Steel Midsole
Shock Absorber
Slip Resistance Ceramic Glycerine
Slip resistance ceramic detergent
Ergonomics and Comfort
Resistance, Safety, Performance
Toe Cap

The DOUBLE FORMULA compound is a testament to PANDA SAFETY’s four decades of mastery in crafting soles through direct injection onto the upper. The midsole, fashioned from polyurethane foam, offers a blend of lightness and flexibility. Its morpho-anatomical design ensures optimal support, facilitating the wearer’s every move. The outsole, made of compact polyurethane, is engineered for durability and promises unwavering grip, even on demanding surfaces. With the DOUBLE FORMULA soles, each workday becomes a journey of unmatched comfort.


Rustproof steel protective toe cap with heat treatment for hardening and epoxy surface coating, tested to withstand impact forces up to 200 Joules (J) and compression forces up to 15 kilonewtons (kN). The transverse fibers of the stainless steel from which it is made provide greater resistance to bumps and crushing while the rounded corners ensure the best possible comfort.

Premium genuine leather is distinguished by its impeccable thick-grain (Dollar print) finish. Thanks to a specific tanning process, it becomes particularly flexible and elastic, allowing footwear to combine both durability and adaptability, essential for tackling every work challenge.

Crafted from a threelayer fabric, this lining features a unique network of microchannels, ensuring unparalleled breathability. It’s highly resistant to wear and tear, and its antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments effectively combat the growth of harmful microorganisms, also keeping unpleasant odours at bay.

The THERMO FORMED removable insole is expertly crafted to distribute the wearer’s weight uniformly. It seamlessly adapts to the foot’s natural morphology and boasts anti-static, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. For added comfort, a cushioned insert is thoughtfully positioned in the heel area.

Insert in technical wear-resistant fabric that, overlapping the inner lining in the heel region, prevents deterioration and thus prolongs the durability of the entire shoe.



The label is made from a special nonwoven fabric (NWF) that is distinguished by a finish identical to that of carbon fibre fabric.




A small but very useful component; it speeds up and facilitates the foot fitting and contains a reflective insert to further increases the visibility of the user.




VELCRO® fastening systems, known for their absolute reliability, guarantee a perfect seal and therefore total comfort.